At Eco Power you can find below listed solutions for your residential or commercial systems:


For residential and commercial:


1. Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline PV panels for both Grid connected and Off grid systems.
2. MPPT and PWM type solar Charge/controllers for Off grid systems.
3. DC/AC Power inverters for both Grid connected and Off grid systems (single or three phase, from 1kw to 12kw for Off grid systems and from 1 kw to 33kw Grid connected systems)
4. Hybrid DC/AC Charge/controller with integrated Inverter for both Grid connected and Off grid systems (single or three phase, from 1kw to 12kw).
5. AGM type special solar storage batteries for Off grid systems.
6. Monitoring System with capabilities to monitor system down to single PV panel level as well as monitoring of generation and self consumption of power.
7. BoS and other installation equipment.
8. Street, parking, commercial & residential, stadium and play-garden lighting systems (Off grid solar lighting systems from 80Wp to 150Wp).

For commercial::


1. DC/AC Power inverters for Grid connected system (three phase, from 33kw to 500kw) 2. AC variable frequency power inverters for electric motors (single or three phase, from 1.5kw to 630kw).
Solar powered water pumps 12/24/48 VDC:
1. For livestock watering (Also - solar powered electric fence for land from 10ha to 100ha)
2. For Irrigation system
3. For Remote household
Products supplied by Eco Power are covered by the manufacturer's international warranty in generally for 10 years with possibility of extension.Warranty terms and conditions for PV modules will be: 12 years on product and 25 (30) years on nominal power output.